How to install Charles Proxy certificate in Chrome

Open a new tab Type chrome://settings/ Scroll down to Show advanced settings … Scroll down to HTTP/SSL Click Manage Certificates … In the Certificates window, click Import Click Next Click Browse … Select the certificate file Note: if you do not see your certificate file, select “All files (*)” next to the file name field Click Next and follow the steps of the remaining prompt messages Done!  

Tailing Log Files with Color Output

Looking at the log files on a unix box can be difficult. The lines of text scroll up fast (depending on the server activity) and it can be hard to find errors. For me, I needed to find a way have important lines stand out. In my case, the logs printed out INFO, WARN, and ERROR lines. For testing purpose, I wanted to see ERROR lines in red. This is when I wrote the composed the […]

Excel to JIRA Table

Since using JIRA, I have had to manually format text to display it as a table.  I created this tool to assist myself and others who constantly perform the same task. The tip I have is to create the table using Excel and then copy and paste the text into the text area provided in the QA tool. Check it out here. Format Text for JIRA

Solved Twitter API for PHP Fatal error: TwitterAPIExchange requires cURL extension

In attempting to run the Simple PHP Wrapper for Twitter API, I was encountering the following error: Fatal error: Uncaught RuntimeException: TwitterAPIExchange requires cURL extension to be loaded, see: I spent hours searching for a solution. Each site suggested the same and I did … I uncommented out the following line in the php.ini file by removing the semi-colon. Before After ;extension=php_curl.dll extension=php_curl.dll Then, I restarted Apache by running these two lines of code: […]

Pointing a Domain to a Directory on a UNIX System

I am running a UNIX server on 1and1. I have multiple domains and I want to point each domain to their own folder, essentially having each domain point to their own site. I have root access and need to point multiple domains to different destination folder. The following instructions will demonstrate how to point your domain to a specific folder directory in a UNIX operating system. . Note: Before continuing, it is assumed that the […]